A FREE series of talks/discussions

To inform and inspire our next generation who have to guide Humanity through the most consequential 25 years in our history

For concerned and curious minds aged 16-116

Many thinkers, philosophers and experts have concluded that humanity is heading for a dramatic transition. Even the UN talks of the certainty of near-term non-linear change. This is broader than global warming and includes political, technological, economic, demographic, psycho/spiritual, agricultural, sociological, ecological, educational, moral, philosophical and existential crises.

Our next generation needs

  • a broad understanding of many topics 
  • to question established assumptions, conventions and categories
  • to think (and feel) very differently – with wider, more inclusive perspectives

But mainstream education, including University, is not meeting this need.

It is educating for ‘business as usual’.

The new thinking is coming from many exceptional people – mostly operating outside the established institutions.

This new thinking is what is covered by Relevant Education

Venue, Dates and Times

These free meetings will take place at The Jam Factory, 4 Hollybush Row, Oxford, OX1 1HU.

Dates and Times: August: 2nd & 23rd 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Booking Form

Register via Meetup, use the form below or contact me direct.


All sessions will be facilitated by me, Alex Goodall. I’m the founder of http://Relevant.Education.

You can read my bio here or check my LinkedIn Profile.

If you have any questions or comments or prefer to book directly, please feel free to email, call or message me. alex@relevant.education     T: 07785-714 300 (I’m on WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram)

Example Topics

  • The Metacrisis: the scary, and scarily long, list of inter-related threats to our global civilization
  • What is reality? Is it matter and does it matter? If you accept the latest ideas it changes everything. (This will touch on philosophy, metaphysics, religion, physics, neuroscience, meaning and purpose.)
  • Utopia? No thanks – too drab, boring and impossible. We’re aiming to upgrade to PROtopia
  • From Big Bang to Big Macs: Kosmic history with the missing 50% included
  • The Enlightenment: The best thing and the worst thing that happened to humanity
  • Social Media, AI and the dismantling of your identity, of democracy and your sense of meaning
  • How technology will fix energy, transport and food – and why it’s not enough by a LONG way
  • The most dangerous invention ever: The Limited Liability Company
  • Personal development: Growing Up, Waking Up, Showing Up and Cleaning Up
  • What caused Trump? A model of cultural development that makes sense of Trumpism
  • Making sense of: Politics, Power, Democracy, Economics, Multinationals, Markets, Globalisation, Debt
  • Web3, Cryptocurrency, DAOs, NFTs: maybe transformative, maybe disastrous
  • Why is there no A-Level in Complex Systems Theory? Catch up, Department of Education!
  • What could Humanity 3.0 look like? How can we transition? And what can YOU do?