Relevant Education

Bio of Alex Goodall

I have a degree in Maths and Theoretical Physics and a Masters in Computer Science.

I founded and ran one of the first commercial AI companies in the 1980s. I have been a consultant in advanced technologies, and edited and published a specialist newsletter – Intelligence in Industry.

I was Principle Knowledge Management Consultant at an international IT services company, and helped create a patented methodology on building Knowledge Communities. As part of the Knowledge Management Forum at Henley Management College, I was instrumental in introducing the ideas of Integral Theory/Philosophy to the Forum, and in setting up a project to apply Integral Theory to Knowledge Management.

I have worked (on my own account) on digital marketing and web development.

I was the second member of the Oxford Integral Circle, which I turned into a Meetup, later renaming it the Integral and Metamodern Philosophy (IMP) group. This has since morphed into the Humanity’s Transition – Oxford Discussion group that meets once a month.

I live in Oxford with my wife, and between us we’ve seen off three wonderful kids.

My engagement with meaning started pretty early on in life, encompassing Christianity (CoE, Orthodox and born again), a couple of Indian Gurus who visited the West (saving me a trip to the East), a touch of sorcery (via Carlos Castaneda and his gang), a period of rational atheism (which took me by complete surprise), re-enchantment via Integral Philosophy (like almost all the thinkers I come across), and most recently a deep dive into Analytic Idealism – which in my view is the most disruptive and consequential metaphysical theory.

Alongside my “deeper meaning path, there’s been a spiral of opening up that included Metamodernism, GameB and the huge ecosystem of what I call the Humanity’s Transition community which has been flourishing more explicitly since around 2019, and is inspiring many hundreds of thousands of people.

I currently spend my time teaching maths, science and computer science as a private tutor – which I love – and carving out time to spend on my project which I’m tentatively calling the Humanity’s Transition Participation Program summarized on this Notion page